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Open meetings - (Mitchell) Arts Centre, Broad St., Hanley

Our meetings cover  a  variety of interesting topics, with expert speakers invited to each one.   They are held  in  the Arts Centre, Broad Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.  Please arrive at 10.15am for 10:30am start, the meetings end at 12:15pm.   They are held on  the first Monday of every month unless it falls on  a  bank holiday; then  it  is  held on the second Monday.   There  is  no  admission charge  and  everyone  is  welcome.    Details  of  the  topics  for  the  next  few  meetings are given below.

The centre is a comfortable, airy space with tiered seating. Wheelchair users are able  to  access the centre.   There is  a  cafe serving drinks and snacks if people want refreshments after the meeting, or you are welcome to come back to our office for  a hot drink and biscuit / cake in return for a donation of just £1


The nearest car parks are John Street multi storey or Hinde Street, parking fees apply at both of these car parks.    Disabled parking is available at the side of the Museum (accessed via Warner Street), in front of the library on Bethesda Street or on Albion Street.

See 'Agenda' for details of up-coming meetings. (Click here)