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The North Staffs Pensioners' Convention (NSPC) was established as a community organisation by the late Dave Goodman and his committee in 1991.      Over the years we have built  a  reputation  as  a  powerful, independent champion of older people's rights  in  the local community, and  we  enjoy broad-based support across North Staffordshire.   A volunteer led organisation, the Convention has become a democratic voice for older people in North Staffordshire.     We have a proud history but we cannot rest on our laurels - many thousands of our senior citizens remain excluded and deprived. 

What we do 

       ·  Monthly public meetings held at the Arts Centre, Broad Street, Hanley with an
          average audience of over 70 people 
       ·  Quarterly newsletter mailed to members and affiliates 
       ·  Gathering and documenting evidence of older people's experiences 
       ·  Research into policies and procedures that impact on the lives of older people 
       ·  Testing and challenging systems of service providers, where evidence has been
          brought to us that these systems are not fit for purpose and are causing hardship
          to older people 
       ·  Representations to MPs, councillors and decision-makers 
       ·  Campaigns on issues of concern to older people such as pensions, health and
          social care, transport, post offices and panic alarms 
       ·  Annual trip to Pensioners' Parliament in Blackpool
       ·  Building links with other Grey Power groups across the UK

The Convention enjoys the loyal backing of over 350 members and 20 affiliated organisations as well as widespread public support in North Staffs.     Alongside our work  in  the local area we are committed  to  working with others at regional and national level  on  our common aims such as a decent income for all  in retirement and  an  end  to  the artificial distinction between personal care (Social Services) and health care (National Health Service). 
The   Convention  aims  to  ensure that  the  immense  contribution older people  have  made  throughout  their  lives,  and continue  to  make, should be acknowledged and rewarded.   Older people should have access to the support and services they need  to  allow them  to  live safely and healthily and have  an active role in the community.  Services for older people must be of the highest quality - second best will not do. 
Unless  otherwise  indicated  all  meetings take place  in  the Mitchel Arts Centre, Broad Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, at 10.30am - 12.l5pm, on the first Monday of the month, unless it is a bank holiday when it will be the second Monday.

In the event of any difficulty with this site please contact Alex Shaw at the NSPC office